First Federal Savings & Loan Bank

700 East Santa Fe

Olathe, KS 66061

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First Federal Savings & Loan Bank (First Federal) is a Kansas State Chartered Bank. Established in 1923, we were located in downtown Olathe for 87 years, until we moved to our current location in November 2010. Our institution offers savings accounts, certificates of deposits and mortgages.


First Federal prides itself on being a true community bank where personal service is our top priority. We keep and service our loans and enjoy getting to know each of our customers. We have only six employees, so there are no concerns about getting transferred from department to department when you have a question or an issue to discuss.

                         "Original Location"  

Products Offered

  Passbook Savings Accounts:     Minimum Balance $25.00  


  Money Market Accounts:     Minimum Balance $2,500.00  
  Certificates of Deposit:   182 Day Minimum Balance $2,500.00  
      12 Month Minimum Balance $1,000.00  
      18 Month Minimum Balance $1,000.00  
      30 Month Minimum Balance $1,000.00  
      60 Month Minimum Balance $1,000.00  
  Mortgage Loans:     No Minimum Loan Amount  
        Various Loan Terms Available  
  About Us      
Mitch Ashlock, Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer :
Mitch is a third generation Ashlock president. Born and raised in Olathe, he joined First Federal in 1992 and three years later was appointed to President. He is also our institution's Loan Officer for all loans originated. Mitch took over as Board Chairman in early 2011 when his father retired

Steven Verhulst, Chief Financial Officer :
Steve joined First Federal in early 2010.  He spent the previous 13 years working with financial institutions, including First Federal Savings, as an Internal Auditor, Public Accountant, and a Federal Thrift Examiner.  Steve has a Certified Public Accounting designation and assists Mitch with day-to-day management.  Steve born, raised, and currently resides in Olathe.  He has been a life - long savings customer of the Bank.


Milynn VanDeKerkhove, Secretary/Treasurer :
Milynn came to First Federal in 1993, joining her mother, Kenda Camp, who worked for the institution for 27 years. Milynn handles many of the daily operations of the bank, and is in charge of new savings accounts and certificates of deposit. She also pays all insurance premiums and real estate taxes on the mortgage loans.


Barb Roepe, Loan Operations Manager and Assistant Secretary/Treasurer :
Barb joined First Federal in the spring of 2006 and has more than 30 years experience in mortgage lending and banking. She is primarily involved in loan processing and documentation.


Marcia Wilson, Bookkeeper : Marcia joined First Federal in May, 2010.  She has more than 30 years combined banking and accounting experience.  Most of her time is spent preparing Board reports and maintaining internal audit controls, but she also enjoys helping customers with their banking needs.


Kathy Byler, Loan Processor : Kathy joined First Federal Savings and Loan Bank, in November 2014. She brings with her 14 years of previous mortgage experience. Her daily duties involve working with real estate agents, processing all loan applications and assisting with preliminary closing documentation.

In Memory of Don Ashlock :
Don spent over 59 years with our institution before retiring from the board. Following in his father's footsteps, he was hired in 1952, and was appointed President and CEO in 1967. He served as President for 27 years and then served as Chairman of the Board until early 2011. Even after his official retirement, Don continued to come in work most mornings until his passing in March, 2012. He is greatly missed by the staff, as well as our customers.
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  First Federal Savings & Loan Bank  
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